Why Choose the PDF


The PDF Trustees are all current or ex long time served lorry drivers who understand the difficulties drivers can find themselves in. As such, we are able to deal with such difficulties quickly, compassionately and efficiently.


The PDF has no outside funding whatsoever and for that reason the funds we have are all raised by supreme efforts from ordinary people within the Haulage Industry.


100% of your donations go directly back into helping drivers. We all do this voluntarily and are happy to do so but we need your help.


After 30 years of tramping I retired to become a DCPC trainer leaving not a lot of time for my hobbies of gardening, cats and wildlife! Life 'on the road' at least taught me just how easily a driver could become in need of help with illness and accidents, and made me realise a charity like the PDF was sorely needed.
Recently retired after 40+ years on the road covering UK & Western Europe mostly in ERF's. In latter years I tried out most other makes as an agency driver.
I live near Gloucester and represent the western side of the UK for the PDF.
I have been driving for a living from 1966 till retirement in 2013,starting on a minivan and progressing to a maximum weight artic. I have been involved with the PDF for a number of years and as a trustee for seven. I am also a judge at Truckfest, a position I have held for 30 years. Over the years I have seen a growing need for a charity for HGV drivers and am proud to be a part of it.
I've been driving lorries since 2003, following on from earlier careers as a courier and a pet food salesman amongst other things. The PDF helps to maintain an important tradition of drivers looking out for other drivers, and that's why I'm proud to be a part of it. When I'm not driving I live in Cambridgeshire with my wife Pat and a selection of cats.
I have had an interest in Transport and Engineering since my school days, in particular road and rail. I currently work as an LGV driver for Deutsche Post/DHL just outside Edinburgh. I also studied Mathematics and Computing with the Open University which hopefully qualifies me for the role of webmaster for the PDF.

About the PDF

Professional Drivers Foundation – Supporting Drivers

The UK haulage industry is one of the UK’s largest employers, providing a vital livelihood for thousands of HGV drivers, many of whom are over 50 years of age.

The Foundation was formed primarily for the welfare of lorry drivers. It is not a well-paid industry, and entails long hours with many of the workforce being away 4 nights a week and sleeping in their vehicles.

The Foundation is pleased to have British motor ace Steve Parrish as patron. Winner of over a dozen British, European and World Motorcycle and Truck Racing Titles, Steve is delighted to bring his support to the Foundation.

“Having had a few accidents on the tracks over my racing career, it is good to see a charity specifically supporting lorry drivers, who we all know are the lifeline of this Country. I am very honoured to be associated with the Professional Drivers Foundation."

“Regrettably, numerous injuries are caused to drivers, not necessarily while driving, but when delivering. The Professional Drivers Foundation feels there is a need to provide some help, both financial and advisory, to anyone holding a vocational driving licence and in need of support through no fault of their own.”

The Foundation has support from within the Haulage Industry and without that the Charity couldn't exist.

For further information, contact Pat Ratcliffe
by e-mail: Pat Ratcliffe

Andrew Gormanly
4/2/55 - 10/01/09

This website is dedicated to the memory of Andy Gormanly. Before becoming a professional HGV driver, he had a distinguished military career in the RAMC. He served in Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, the Falkands and the the Gulf.

When he left the Army, he took like a duck to water to HGV driving. He was always ready to offer advice to new drivers, and he was a founder member of the Professional Drivers Association in 2002. He was splendid company, and never at a loss for words.

Tragically, he died following an accident at work, ten days after the Foundation was launched. We were able to offer his family support, and they very generously asked for all donations to his memory to go towards the Foundation's work in helping other drivers. Andy is very sadly missed, not only by his family, friends and colleagues, but by the wider community of professional drivers online.

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